Reach the hilltop settlement of Horafia, and Mandraki bay beyond, by climbing the broad steps east of the harbour.

A coastal pathway around the headland below passes precarious steps that climb to a rock-hewn Lycian tomb from the 4th century BC, which boasts an impressive Doric facade. There are several such tombs along Turkey's Anatolian coast, but they are very rare in Greece.

It’s also possible to walk the 1km up to Paleokastro, the island’s ancient capital. Follow the concrete steps that start just past a soldier’s sentry box on the airport road. The old city’s Hellenistic walls enclose a tower, a water cistern and three churches.

Alternatively, for a longer hike, you can head up the 400 steps behind town (ask where they begin) and head to a monastery and other paths. A basic walking map (Walking Map by Pantazis C Houlis) is available at some souvenir shops for €2. But the best way to get the local flavour, is to head on a guided walk with the folk from Visit Kastellorizo.