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Taverna in Karpenisi

Taverna Folia

Tucked down a small stair between two streets 50m south of the central plateia, this welcoming psistaria (taverna that specialises in char-grilled or spit-roasted meat) serves traditional mayirefta like mousakas alo…
Taverna in Karpenisi

Taverna Panorama

It's all about the food and less about the ambience in this cavernous space with a leafy outdoor terrace. The huge menu features plenty of grilled lamb and pork, plus a tasty fava (broad bean) appetiser and a hearty…
Cocktail Bar in Karpenisi

Saloon Park

A popular, if incongruous, bar-cafe 3km south of town on the Karpenisi–Prousos road. The unmistakable theme is the American Old West, with horseback riding for kids, and a Jack Daniels–meets-ouzo ambience.
Bar in Karpenisi

Onar Bar

A woodsy and convivial bar with whiskey, beer, and coffee in equal parts, about 500m north of the central plateia.