Top things to do in Kardamyli

Top Choice Taverna in Kardamyli


Right by Ritsa Beach, 1km north of town, and nestled in an olive grove, Kardamyli's most popular and pretty eating venue has the atmosphere of a provincial Mediterranean private garden. Thanks to owner-chef Fani, it…
Top Choice House in Kardamyli

Patrick Leigh Fermor House

Larger-than-life Patrick Leigh Fermor (1915–2011), one of Britain's most eminent writers, lived just outside Kardymili on-and-off for much of his later life with his wife, Joan. A scholar and soldier (involved in th…
Ruins in Kardamyli

Old Town Kardamyli

Old Town Kardamyli consists of a fortified settlement with an 18th-century church, plus restored tower, oil press and three-storey building. You can poke around the fortifications and the building has basic exhibits…
Bar in Kardamyli

1866 Beer Bar

This cosy bar, set back from the seafront, is renowned for its spirit shots and late nights. It's not raucous, but attracts a young local crowd who enjoy a chat, good company and a selection of the top-shelf stuff. …
Greek in Kardamyli


This long-standing spot on the hill, overlooking the bay and with a terrace filled with umbrella pines, is glorious on a moonlit evening. It's been infused with a bit of youthful flair as the next generation is invo…
Taverna in Kardamyli

O Perivolis

In the heart of the village, this excellent taverna with a large garden usually has a selection of vegetarian dishes of the day (spinach and ricotta cannelloni, baked aubergine) alongside Greek classics such as lamb…
Mezedhes in Kardamyli


At the northern end of the village, you don't come here for the view (it's of the road), but for a casual bar-restaurant experience and some fabulous mezedhes (appetisers) with a modern Greek twist.
Cocktail Bar in Kardamyli


This gorgeous flower-strewn spot is perched right over the bay and is the picture-postcard spot for a sundowner. Decent nibbles, including salads, are also served.
Taverna in Kardamyli

Taverna Kiki

The kindly owners at this appealing taverna, tucked away off the main street, tell you the day's dishes on arrival. Although the choice is limited, the dishes tend to be more imaginative than usual; expect the likes…
Ice Cream in Kardamyli

Lola Frozen Yogurt

Right on the main street, sweaty hikers make a beeline for this frozen yoghurt (and sweets) joint that provides a cool, sweet balm. Gorgeous flower-filled garden out the back in which to rest, lick and munch.