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Top Choice Greek in Kambos


Ikaros is a classic village ovelistirio, or grill house, referring to the upright grill for making gyros. Excellent food, lively atmosphere, snappy service. Opposite the pharmacy.
Taverna in Kambos


Very traditional setting on the road halfway between Kambos and Evdilos. Excellent taverna fare, cooked and happily served by Popi.
Church in Kambos

Agia Irini Church

Built on the site of a 4th-century basilica, this 12th-century church contains some columns from the original. Alas, many of Agia Irini’s frescoes remain covered with protective whitewash because funds for its remov…
Taverna in Kambos


A family-run taverna with tradition, the Pashalia offers tasty homemade mezedhes (appetisers), such as wild mushrooms, fresh wild asparagus and goat’s cheese, and is frequented by the locals.
Cafe in Kambos


A tiny roadside cafe with good coffee and small plates served through the day. Sourta-Ferta means 'back and forth' in Greek.
Museum in Kambos

Archaeological Museum

Kambos’ small museum displays Neolithic tools, geometric vases, classical sculpture fragments, figurines and ivory trinkets. If it’s closed, ask Vasilis Kambouris at Rooms Dionysos to open it.