Kalavryta in detail


Two relatively recent historical events have assured Kalavryta a place in the hearts of all Greeks. First, despite plenty of evidence that fighting had already begun elsewhere, the official version of the War of Independence states that the revolt against the Turks began here on 25 March 1821, when Bishop Germanos of Patra raised the Greek flag at Moni Agias Lavras, a monastery 5km from town. Second, on 13 December 1943, in one of the worst single atrocities of WWII, the Nazis massacred most of the village's male inhabitants, nearly 500 people, as part of their scorched-earth Operation Kalavryta, designed to punish Kalavryta partisans, in particular, for the deaths of German prisoners of war. The hands of the old cathedral clock stand eternally at 2.34pm, the time the German guns finally fell silent.