Museum in Kalambaka

Museum of Hellenic Culture

A passionate local collector has amassed a collection of rare antiquarian books, from Aesop's Fables to a 1567 Homer text, all beautifully displayed. This is no dull exhibit, but a delightfully colourful journey thr…
Museum in Kalambaka

Natural History & Mushroom Museum

To give the kids, or yourself, a nature-based break from the Meteora monasteries, this museum with a quirky collection of dioramas with animals and birds from around the globe might appeal. If taxidermy isn't your t…
Church in Kalambaka

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

It’s worth finding your way to this 7th-century Byzantine cathedral (near Alsos House and Koka Roka Rooms), a three-aisle basilica with superb frescoes dating to the 14th century. At 6.30pm you can hear the vespers.