Kalamata in detail

Flights & getting there


Kalamata International Airport is 10.5km west of the city, near Messini, and served by various airlines from several European cities, mostly in summer only. Aegean Airlines (www.aegeanair.com) operates flights between Kalamata and Thessaloniki.

Transport Options

A taxi into Kalamata from the airport costs around €22. Local buses to Messini, Koroni and Pylos pass the airport (€1.80) and can drop you off on the main road, about 100m away from the entrance.


KTEL Messinia bus station has buses to Athens (€24.30, 2¾ to 3¼ hours, eight to 10 daily), some express and some via via Corinth Isthmus (€17.30, two hours). It also has buses to Tripoli (€8.90, 1¼ hours), Patra (€24.90, four hours, two daily) via Kyparissia (€7.70, 1¼ hours) and Pyrgos (€14, two hours), where you can change for Olympia.

Heading west, there are buses to Koroni (€5.50, 1½ hours, four to six daily), Methoni (€6.80, 1½ hours, three to five daily) and Pylos (€5.50, 1¾ hours, four to seven daily).

Heading east across the Langada Pass, buses run to Sparta (€6.30, 1¾ hours, one to two daily) with a change at Artemisia. Two to four daily buses head to Kardamyli (€4, one hour) and Stoupa (€4.90, 1¼ hours), with some continuing to Itilo (€8.50, 2½ hours, one to two Monday to Saturday). There are also direct buses to Thessaloniki (€71.30, three weekly, 11 hours).