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Top Choice Taverna in Around Ithaki


Perhaps the best restaurant outside of Vathy is Yefuri, with its fresh produce and rotating menu. It’s on the road between Stavros and Platrithias.
Taverna in Around Ithaki


In Kioni, Mythos sits by the waves and has excellent pastitsio, veal stifadho, homemade chicken pie and prawns saganaki.
Taverna in Vathy


Every day there is something different cooking up in the kitchen, from goat stew to stuffed tomatoes, saganaki to kleftiko. It's just behind the square, with blue tables and the siren's song of a pet canary.
Taverna in Around Ithaki

Ithaki Restaurant

This chic taverna on the corner of the square has a terrace with a beautiful view. Charcoal-fired veal, pork and lamb souvlaki.
Taverna in Around Ithaki


Lit by tealights, its romantic garden restaurant is popular for its grilled squid, sundried grilled octopus and steamed mussels.
Taverna in Around Ithaki


Right on the harbour in Frikes, this is a great place for trad cuisine like stifadho, fresh bream and dried apricots, as well as local speciality savoro (fish with vinegar, currants and garlic).
Museum in Around Ithaki

Stavros Archaeological Museum

This small but interesting museum has local artefacts dating from 3000 BC to the Roman period.
Greek in Around Ithaki

En Plo

The upstairs terrace is a lovely spot for watching the sun set and the lights switch on in the distant windmills across the bay. Cocktails, salads, ice cream, breakfast and crepes. Chic.
Cafe in Vathy

Karamela Cafe

Perfect for breakfast in its shaded garden or within its cool interior. Snacks, pizza and salads. At the waterfront.
Cafe in Around Ithaki


Perfectly located at the side of the mountain just shy of Stavros' centre, Sunset earns its moniker with sublime sunset views of the bay. Treasures like baklava, cheesecake, panna cotta and crepes further sweeten th…