Top Choice Museum in Iraklio

Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Reopened in 2014 after a long renovation, the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion is Crete’s outstanding jewel. The two floors of the restored 1930s Bauhaus building make a gleaming showcase for the exhibits that spa…
Church in Iraklio

Church of Agios Titos

This majestic church dominates the eponymous square. It has Byzantine origins in AD 961, was converted to a Catholic church by the Venetians and turned into a mosque by the Ottomans, who also rebuilt it after the de…
Museum in Iraklio

Historical Museum of Crete

If you’re wondering what Crete’s been up to for the past, say, 1700 years, a spin around this highly engaging museum is in order. Exhibits hopscotch from the Byzantine to the Venetian and Turkish periods, culminatin…
Art Gallery in Iraklio

Municipal Art Gallery

The three-aisled 13th-century Agios Markos Basilica was reconstructed many times and turned into a mosque by the Turks. Today it holds temporary exhibitions of Greek and foreign artists. It’s worth swinging by to ch…
Museum in Iraklio

Natural History Museum

In an imaginatively recycled power station, and a 10-minute walk west from 25 Avgoustou along the waterfront, this museum uses huge dioramas and a terrarium wing to introduce you to the flora and fauna of Crete and …
Museum in Iraklio

Museum of Christian Art

Housed in a 13th-century monastery and later a mosque, this tiny but fascinating museum features historic religious artworks from different monasteries around Crete. Star exhibits include the works by 15th-century i…
Fountain in Iraklio

Bembo Fountain

The delightful fountain on Plateia Kornarou, at the southern end of Odos 1866, was cobbled together in the 1550s from antique materials, including a statue of a Roman official found near Ierapetra. The town’s first …
Fortress in Iraklio

City Walls

Iraklio burst out of its walls long ago, but these massive fortifications, with seven bastions and four gates, are still very conspicuous, dwarfing the concrete 20th-century structures around them. Venetians built t…
Fortress in Iraklio

Koules Venetian Fortress

Iraklio’s main landmark is this squat and square 16th-century fortress, which was called Rocca al Mare under the Venetians. It helped keep the Turks out for 21 years and later became a Turkish prison for Cretan rebe…
Historic Building in Iraklio


Iraklio’s town hall is housed in the attractively reconstructed 17th-century Loggia, a Venetian version of a gentleman’s club, where the male aristocracy once gathered for drinks and gossip.