Top things to do in Ioulida

Top Choice Monument in Ioulida

Kea Lion

The enigmatic Kea Lion, chiselled from slate in the 6th century BC, lies across a small valley beyond the last of Ioulida’s houses. The 15-minute walk to reach it is fantastic: follow small wooden signs reading Aρχα…
Cycladic in Ioulida

To Spiti Sti Hora

Elaborate takes on seasonal Kea dishes, with local ingredients put to excellent use. Expect the likes of suckling pig with pear, cuttlefish risotto, grilled meats and awesome sunset views over Ioulida to go with you…
Museum in Ioulida

Archaeological Museum

Find intriguing artefacts from Kea's four ancient city-states, including some superb terracotta figurines, many from excavations at Agia Irini. Thirteen Minoan–style statues are the museum's pride. It’s just before …