Top Choice Church in Corfu Town

Church of Agios Spyridon

The sacred relic of Corfu’s beloved patron saint, St Spyridon, lies in an elaborate silver casket in the 16th-century basilica.
Top Choice Fortress in Corfu Town

Palaio Frourio

Constructed by the Venetians in the 15th century on the remains of a Byzantine castle (and further altered by the British), this spectacular landmark offers respite from the crowds and superb views of the region. Cl…
Top Choice Museum in Zakynthos Town

Byzantine Museum

Visit two levels of fabulous ecclesiastical art, rescued from churches razed by the earthquake. The beautiful building overlooks the main plaza. Inside, the 16th-century St Andreas Monastery has been artfully replic…
Top Choice Palace in Corfu Town

Palace of St Michael & St George

Originally the residence of a succession of British high commissioners, this palace now houses the world-class Museum of Asian Art, founded in 1929. Expertly curated with extensive, informative English-language plac…
Top Choice Castle in Hora (Kythira)


Hora’s beautiful Venetian kastro was built in the 13th century and is one of Kythira’s cultural highlights. If you walk to its southern extremity, passing the Church of Panagia, you will come to a sheer cliff with a…
Museum in Argostoli

Focas-Kosmetatos Foundation

See displays on Kefallonia’s cultural and political history in a pre-earthquake building. Their Cephalonia Botanica, a lovely botanical garden, is about 2km from Argostoli centre.
Museum in Argostoli

Korgialenio History & Folklore Museum

Dedicated to preserving Kefallonian art and culture, this fine museum houses icons and pre-earthquake furniture, clothes and artwork from the homes of gentry and farmworkers.
Museum in Argostoli

Archaeological Museum

A collection of island relics, including Mycenaean finds.
Park in Corfu Town

Mon Repos Estate

On the Kanoni Peninsula on the southern outskirts of town, an extensive, wooded parkland estate surrounds an elegant neoclassical villa. It houses the Museum of Palaeopolis, with entertaining archaeological displays…
Museum in Corfu Town

Archaeological Museum

Among the museum’s fine collection, the massive Gorgon pediment (590–580 BC) is one of the best-preserved pieces of Archaic sculpture in Greece. It was part of the west pediment of 6th-century-BC Temple of Artemis, …