Museum in Ioannina

Archaeological Museum

This top-notch museum contains more than 3000 Epirot finds, including neolithic items and antiquities from Dodoni, Vitsa and Efira.
Museum in Ioannina

Byzantine Museum

This museum presents early Christian and Byzantine art, pottery, coins and silverware, plus post-Byzantine icons and manuscripts, early Venetian-produced Greek books and ornate silver jewellery boxes with cloisonné …
Museum in Ioannina

Municipal Ethnographic Museum

The erstwhile Aslan Pasha Mosque (1619) exhibits local costumes and period photographs, along with tapestries and prayer shawls from Ioannina's former synagogue (Ioustinianou 16).
Fortress in Ioannina

Its Kale

Kastro’s sublime citadel, including a Middle Byzantine tower, rises over a long bluff overlooking lake and mountain. The outer ramparts are cluttered with cannon balls and elegant Ottoman carvings. Within, it holds …