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Taverna in Inousses


Next to the church in the upper village, this friendly taverna serves great mezedhes, including exemplary fava, and attracts a mostly Greek clientele. Tasteful retro soundtracks fit neatly into the old village ambie…
Museum in Inousses

Nautical Museum of Inousses

Created in 1965, this handsome museum showcases the collection of local shipping magnate Antonis Lemos. Many of the models on display (some intentionally half-completed then set flush against a mirror so that you 's…
Taverna in Inousses

Palio Teloneío

This excellent eatery on the waterfront has a bit of everything Greek, but is proudest of its daily fresh catch of barbounia (red mullet) and crispy gavros (a marinated small fish).
Cemetery in Inousses

Mausoleum of Inousses

In the leafy courtyard of the Church of Agia Paraskevi stands the Mausoleum of Inousses, where the island’s ship-owning dynasties have endowed the tombs of their greats with huge chambers, marble sculptures and mini…
Bar in Inousses

Bilali Beach Bar

Cool spot on the small and shallow swimming bay at Bilali Beach, with shady tables, thumping music, good drinks, juices, smoothies and snacks. Very popular summer hang-out, from morning till the wee hours.
Bar in Inousses

Naftikos Omilos Inousson

Towards the end of the waterfront, the Inousses Yacht Club’s long bar and outdoor patio are filled mostly with young Greeks and their vacationing diaspora relatives, and not a few day trippers from Chios.
Taverna in Inousses

To Pateroniso

A reliable taverna near the square, with good grills and seafood, including the Inousses/Chios speciality of atherinopita, a scrumptious heads-and-all pan-fry of onions and fresh anchovies.
Cinema in Inousses

Open-Air Cinema

Nightly screenings on the waterfront during summer high season, with a show for kids first, then one for the grown-ups. Practice speed-reading Greek subtitles for English-language films. Greece is one of the only co…