Taverna in Inousses


Next to the church in the upper village, this friendly taverna serves great mezedhes, including exemplary fava, and attracts a mostly Greek clientele. Tasteful retro soundtracks fit neatly into the old village ambie…
Taverna in Inousses

Palio Teloneío

This excellent eatery on the waterfront has a bit of everything Greek, but is proudest of its daily fresh catch of barbounia (red mullet) and crispy gavros (a marinated small fish).
Taverna in Inousses

To Pateroniso

A reliable taverna near the square, with good grills and seafood, including the Inousses/Chios speciality of atherinopita, a scrumptious heads-and-all pan-fry of onions and fresh anchovies.