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Full-day Sfakia Region Tour from Chania: Hiking, Cooking Class, Wine Tasting

On this Chania tour, we’ll leave behind the city and its Venetian charm as we venture into a completely different landscape, going deep into the unique region of Sfakia. The White Mountains will be our stomping ground for a whole day of activities for the whole family, including a cheese- and yoghurt-tasting, a hike through a gorge, a hands-on cooking experience, a visit to a one-of-a-kind 'herbal sanctuary,' and a wine-tasting to finish off the day.Sfakia is a region of southern Crete, and took its name from the larger village located there. The entire region is characterised by rugged mountainous beauty combined in a unique way with the sea. From the White Mountains, large green canyons descend to the Libyan Sea, giving the impression to anyone who looks from above that  Our first stop of the day on this Crete tour will be at a family-owned, small-scale cheese factory, where you’ll get an introduction to and tasting of Cretan cheese and yoghurt. You’ll will learn all about the traditional local production from this expert cheesemonger and have the opportunity to sample what locals consider the best yoghurt on the island!After this light breakfast, we’ll move on to the Askifou Plateau, a natural valley surrounded by the White Mountains. From an altitude of 730 metres, we’ll start our hike of the Imbros gorge. The gorge is about eight kilometres, and the average walking time is about two and a half hours. Don’t worry though, it’s an easy walk for the whole family, with many stops for photos and learning about the flora and fauna that we’ll encounter along the way. Your Crete adventure will continue as we visit Kallikratis, a village off the typical tourist path and which has an intriguing history. It has never lived under permanent foreign rule, as its residents have a long tradition fighting for freedom and are well-known for their bravery. The area also boasts gorges, ravines, plateaus, and small abandoned villages. Next up, time to experience local culture through gastronomy and a hands-on workshop! Among the flavours and aromas of local food and good wine, we’ll unveil the secrets of Cretan cuisine as you enjoy a traditional meal. After lunch, we’ll head to a 'herbal sanctuary.' Known for their therapeutic qualities from ancient times but also for the special taste they give to local dishes, Cretan herbs will fascinate you with their abundance (over 1.800 plant species) and qualities. In a little café, we’ll meet the owners who distill Cretan herbs the traditional way and offer high-quality herbal products in their shop. And yes, we are going to try some of their concoctions! The end of the day will find us with a glass of wine in-hand as we visit one of the best wineries on Crete. Here, we’ll get to taste four different wine varieties in a cellar that is in itself a setting for a ritualistic experience. A fitting finale in Crete’s far west!

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