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Top Choice Taverna in Armenistis

Thea's Restaurant & Rooms

There are a few fine tavernas in Nas, but Thea's excels, serving up outstanding mezedhes, meat grills and a perfect veggie mousakas (baked layers of eggplant or zucchini, minced meat and potatoes topped with cheese …
Top Choice Mediterranean in Armenistis


Marrying traditional island cuisine with cosmopolitan culinary fashion, this upmarket eatery in the heart of Armenistis has a small army of devoted regulars raving about its mayierefta dishes, such as rooster with s…
Top Choice Taverna in Hristos Rahes

Taverna Platanos

Nestled under the shade of a rambling plane tree, a 500m stroll from Hristos Rahes, Platanos offers authentic Ikarian dishes, including soufiko, a summer favourite of stewed veggies, generally featuring whatever is …
Top Choice Cafe in Evdilos

Café-Bar Rififi

This snappy port-side bar, with great pitta snacks, draught beer and good coffee, owes its name to the bank next door, with which it shares an interior wall. Rififi in Greek is a nickname for bank robber, and the se…
Top Choice Taverna in Armenistis

Taverna Baido

Past the bridge towards Nas, this interesting taverna is the work of Marianthi, who serves well-priced dishes using local products, fresh fish and Ikarian wine. Exceptional soutzoukakia (meat rissoles in tomato sauc…
Top Choice Greek in Karavostamo


Karavostamo's most upmarket eatery is at the end of the small waterfront, along a narrow cobbled lane 50m from the square. Excellent fish, grills, top wines and service add to the breezy seaside ambience.
Top Choice Greek in Kambos


Ikaros is a classic village ovelistirio, or grill house, referring to the upright grill for making gyros. Excellent food, lively atmosphere, snappy service. Opposite the pharmacy.
Top Choice Fast Food in Agios Kirykos


Best souvlakia and gyros (meat slithers cooked on a vertical rotisserie, eaten with pitta bread) at the port. Look for the umbrellas; it's next to Taverna Klimataria.
Desserts in Armenistis

Syntages tis Giagias

Occupying a terrace on the 2nd floor of the main shopping compound in Armenistis, this small confectioners makes exemplary galaktobourekia (goat's-milk pudding), kataïfi (angel-hair pastry) and ice cream with local …
Taverna in Armenistis

Pashalia Taverna

Meat dishes such as katsikaki (kid goat) or veal in a clay pot are specialities at this taverna, the first along the Armenistis harbour road. The great mezedhes and fresh fish are popular as well.The father-and-son …