Igoumenitsa in detail

Flights & getting there


For departure times for all destinations within the coming week, call the automated Igoumenitsa Port Authority information line; press 9 for English. You can also speak to an operator for booking.

Corfu and Paxi

Boats for Greek destinations depart from the port in the centre of town. Vehicles enter at the traffic circle opposite Hotel Astoria, and ticket kiosks are set up inside the port fence just to the north.

Services to Corfu town (€11, one hour) run as frequently as hourly; to Lefkimmi (€7, one hour), on the south end of the island, services run every few hours. Vehicle prices start at €25 for Lefkimmi and €40 for Corfu. With several ferry companies – Lefkimmi Lines, Kerkyra Lines, Corfu Ferries – and schedules that change frequently, the best strategy is simply to turn up and buy a ticket for the next available sailing. You can avoid the scrum at the kiosks (intense in summer) by visiting a travel agent or booking online, although note that travel agents do not necessarily sell for all companies.

Paxi (passenger/vehicle €11/42.30, 1½ hours) is served directly by Kerkyra Lines, once daily in summer, and less frequently the rest of the year, when it's easier to take a ferry to Corfu, then continue to Paxi.


Ticketing and boarding are from the International Ferry Terminal, at the far south end of town. Plan ahead, as some destinations are not served every day, or have inconvenient departure times. Whether on foot or by car, you must check in at the port two hours before sailing.

Ferry companies have consolidated, so although many have desks in the terminal, in reality only one or two boats operate each day. Grimaldi and Minoan together serve Ancona, Brindisi and Venice. ANEK and Superfast run to Ancona, Bari and Venice. July to September only, European Seaways serves Brindisi, and Ventouris goes to Bari.

Prices are all similar, but vary by season. Fares spike in August. More typical prices for deck-class are: €41 to Brindisi (six to 9½ hours), €68 to Bari (8½ to 10½ hours), and €75 to Ancona (15 hours) and Venice (24 hours). A passenger ticket in a four-bed cabin with shower is generally twice as expensive. Vehicle prices for Bari and Brindisi start from €50, and from €82 for Ancona and Venice. If you have a campervan, you're permitted to sleep in it on most ferries, but air quality in the car hold can be poor.

To sort out the various options, including seasonal round-trip deals, and which ships have better facilities, such as power for campervans, it can be simpler to visit a travel agency, such as Milano Travel, directly across the road. If you're planning ahead from Parga, try International Travel Services.


From Igoumenitsa bus station, two blocks behind the Corfu ferry docks, buses serve Ioannina (€10.60, 1½ hours, six daily), Parga (€5.90, 1½ hours, three daily on weekdays), Athens (€48.50, eight hours, three daily), Preveza (€10.60, 2½ hours, one daily, en route to Lefkada) and Thessaloniki (€37.70, four hours, two daily, also stopping in Veria). Buses on some routes are less frequent from October to May.


Taxis are the fastest way to get to nearby beaches and inland towns. They wait at the ferry terminals and the bus station. A taxi to Parga is €60; more generally the rate is €1.29 per kilometre, plus bag fees.