Checking flights...


Ferries leave from three adjacent quays on the waterfront. Just show up in Igoumenitsa to buy deck-class passenger tickets to Italian ports; the waterfront kiosks clearly signpost ferry destinations and departure times. Book ahead for car tickets or sleeping cabins. Be at the port two hours before departure, and check at the shipping agent’s office for your boarding pass. On-board ‘camping’ is allowable for those with campervans (bring your own oxygen).

At the time of research, passenger deck-class tickets cost around €60 to Brindisi (six to 9½ hours), €62 to Bari (8½ to 10½ hours), €75 to Ancona (15 hours) and €80 to Venice (24 hours). A passenger ticket in a four-bed cabin with shower is generally twice as expensive. Vehicle prices for Bari and Brindisi start from €59, and from €90 to €114 for Ancona and Venice. Each destination has from two to four sailings per day during summer.

Different ferry companies charge similar prices and return tickets are sometimes cheaper than one-way; call local ferry offices or check the websites. They include ANEK Lines, Endeavor Lines, Grimaldi Lines, Minoan Lines, Superfast Ferries and Ventouris Ferries. The central Milano Travel also sells tickets. If you're planning ahead from Parga, International Travel Services can find hidden discounts and cabin upgrades.

For Corfu ferry information, call the automated Igoumenitsa Port Authority information line.


From Igoumenitsa bus station, two blocks behind the Corfu ferry docks, buses serve Ioannina (€9.80, two hours, seven daily), Parga (€5.90, one hour, three daily), Athens (€44.50, eight hours, three daily), Preveza (€13, 2½ hours, one daily) and Thessaloniki (€34, eight hours, one daily). Buses are less frequent from October to May.