Museum in Ierapetra

Archaeological Collection of Ierapetra

A rectangular Ottoman-era school building shelters three rooms of dug-up treasures from regional archaeological sites. The first focuses on Minoan artefacts, including vases and jugs found at Episkopi. Room 2 featur…
Fortress in Ierapetra

Kales Fortress

South along the waterfront, the crenellated Venetian fort was built in the 13th century to protect the harbour, and in 1626 by Francesco Morosini. Climb up to the ramparts and the single tower for grand views of the…
Notable Building in Ierapetra

Napoleon’s House

This is where the man himself is said to have stayed incognito with a local family when his ship anchored in Crete for one night in 1798 on the way to Egypt. He apparently left a note revealing his identity. To find…
Area in Ierapetra

Old Quarter

Inland from the fortress is the labyrinthine old quarter, where you will see a Turkish fountain, the restored mosque with its minaret, and the old churches of Agios Ioannis and Agios Georgios.
Church in Ierapetra

Agios Georgios

Dating from the 12th century this ancient church was the sight of baptisms and now sits at a lower level to the street beside it and is easy to miss.
Mosque in Ierapetra


This beautiful mosque built by the turks has a delicate fountain close by to it and a finely wrought minaret.
Notable Building in Ierapetra

Town Hall

Church in Ierapetra

Agios Ioannis Church

Fountain in Ierapetra

Turkish Fountain