Hydra in detail


Hydra's coastal road turns into a partially cobbled, beautiful trail about 1.5km west of the port, after Kamini. Kamini has a tiny fishing port, several good tavernas, swimming rocks and a small pebble beach. In fact, Hydra’s shortcoming – or blessing – is its lack of sandy beaches to draw the crowds. People usually swim off the rocks, but if you go as far as Vlyhos, 1.5km after Kamini, this last little hamlet before the mountains offers two slightly larger pebble beaches (one called Vlyhos and the other, the more pristine Plakes), tavernas and a restored 19th-century stone bridge.

The coastal road leads 2.5km east from the port to a pebble beach at Mandraki.

Boats run from the harbour to all of these places, and you certainly need them to reach Bisti Bay or Agios Nikolaos Bay, in the island’s southwest, with their remote but umbrella-laden pebble beaches and green waters.