Hydra Town drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Cafe in Hydra Town


Friendly Wendy and Takis and their kids, Zeus and occasionally Zara, run this daytime cafe with first-rate coffee, some of the island's most delicious breakfasts and home-cooked lunches (9am to 5pm), then morph it i…
Top Choice Bar in Hydra Town


You can’t beat this gorgeous waterfront location on the swimming rocks to the far west of the harbour. Brothers Andreas and Elias provide snazzy cocktails and lunch (high season only) with a smile.
Bar in Hydra Town


Papagalos is just that bit away from the madding crowd, on the quieter side of the harbour. By day, it offers coffee and basic food, and by night, cocktails and a clear view of the moonrise.
Cocktail Bar in Hydra Town


A lively line in cocktails, relaxed outdoor seating and dancing inside after midnight.
Cafe in Hydra Town


Isalos makes exceptional coffee and a solid run of sandwiches and pastas.