Hora (Naxos)


Top ChoiceAntiques in Hora (Naxos)

Antico Veneziano

Inside the kastro, this remarkable antique shop hides inside a restored 800-year-old Venetian mansion. Even if you're not a collector who'll salivate at the treasure trove of Veneziana inside, the ancient temple...

Top ChoiceClothing in Hora (Naxos)

Octopus Naxos

If you're looking for something uniquely Naxian, you could do worse than these colourful T-shirts, designed in Naxos since 1988. The octopus appears in various guises.

Food & Drinks in Hora (Naxos)

Tziblakis Local Products of Naxos

The pungent aromas will bowl you over as soon as you get through the door of this colourful wonderland, a family store dating from 1938. It’s where locals come to buy bulk spices, olives, honey and cheese, and...

Gifts & Souvenirs in Hora (Naxos)

Kohili Jewels

Hidden in the maze of small streets behind the waterfront, this is a good spot to purchase jewellery made from the Eye of Naxos, the hard shell that develops in the hole of a shellfish. The eye in the beautiful...

Books in Hora (Naxos)


What began as a box of books left by a traveller has turned into a shockingly organised collection of over 10,000 secondhand books, covering multiple languages and genres. It’s uphill from the port, behind Meze 2.

Books in Hora (Naxos)


A large, well-stocked newsagent and bookshop that has most international newspapers the day after publication and perhaps the best collection of postcards in Greece.