Travel Agency in Hora (Mykonos)

Mykonos Traveller

An online service, this is the site to go to for longer term accommodation. It's also ultra-helpful for all things Mykonos, including guided tours and anything you need to know about the island.
Tourist Information in Hora (Mykonos)

Delos Boat Ticket Kiosk

Departure/return times are posted online at the Delos Boat Ticket Kiosk, located at the foot of the jetty at the southern end of the old harbour.
Medical in Hora (Mykonos)

Mykonos Trauma Clinic

Private emergency-care clinic, located close to the hospital.
Travel Agency in Hora (Mykonos)

Delia Travel

Halfway along the waterfront. Ferry and Delos tickets.
Travel Agency in Hora (Mykonos)

Sea & Sky

Information, aeroplane, ferry and Delos tickets.
Hospital in Hora (Mykonos)


About 1km along the road to Ano Mera.
Police in Hora (Mykonos)

Police Station

On the road to the airport.
Post in Hora (Mykonos)

Post Office

Postal services.
ATM in Hora (Mykonos)


Handy ATM.
ATM in Hora (Mykonos)


Handy ATM.