Guided Tours

Mykonos Traveller organises excursions and guided tours, and arranges private tours and charters. Tours go to Delos (adult/child €50/25), including the return boat trip, admission fee and guide, and Tinos (€70/45) to see its holy church and island sights. It also organises a walking tour of Hora and a bus tour around the island (€40/25). A full-day island cruise along the south coast (€70/40), a sunset cruise (€45/30) and a 4WD safari to isolated beaches (€65/35) are also available.

Mykonos Cruises runs sea-taxis to various south-coast beaches and can arrange fishing trips and private cruises.


In July and August, a no-frills double room with private bathroom in Hora costs about €130; midrange options cost €130 to €300. The sky’s the limit for the top-end category. It’s best not to arrive in July or August without a reservation, as there will be few vacancies. Some places insist on a minimum stay during the peak period. Noise levels in Hora and popular resorts are high in summer.


Mykonos Town has an excellent dining scene, with high-end and 'top-dollar' fusion restaurants sitting alongside tavernas serving Greek standards and souvlaki shops feeding the partygoers.

Drinking & Nightlife

Night action in town starts around 11pm and warms up by 1am. From posh cocktail spots to the colorful bars of Hora’s Little Venice (where there are also some hip clubs), Hora has the lot. Another prime spot is the Tria Pigadia (Three Wells) area on Enoplon Dynameon.


Fashion boutiques and art galleries vie for attention. Mavrogenous St is good for art, Matogliani is best for luxe brands and excellent Greek designers, while the streets of Little Venice mix fashion with jewellery and tat. Most stores close in the winter (November to March).


Without question, you will soon pass the same junction twice. It’s entertaining at first, but can become frustrating amid throngs of equally lost people and fast-moving locals. For quick-fix navigation, familiarise yourself with Plateia Manto Mavrogenous (Taxi Sq), and the three main streets of Matogianni, Enoplon Dynameon and Mitropoleos, which form a horseshoe behind the waterfront.