Hora (Kythira) attractions

Top Choice Fortress in Hora (Kythira)


Crowning the rocky headland that soars at the southern end of Hora, this majestic 14th-century fortress was built by Kythira’s first Venetian governor. Within its ramparts the fort is now largely in ruins, but the s…
Museum in Hora (Kythira)

Archaeological Museum of Kythira

Hora’s impressive archaeological museum, beside the main road at the north end of town, traces the history of ‘this small island’ in two rooms. Among artefacts from the ancient settlements of Palaiopolis and Palaiok…
Museum in Hora (Kythira)

Coat of Arms Collection

Housed in a standalone former powder magazine (a storage for explosives), this small exhibition displays and explains the coats of arms of Kythira's leading families during the Venetian era.