Hospital in Hania

General Hospital St George

Hania's main hospital has 450 beds and an emergency department and is located 4.5km south of the centre in the suburb of Mournies.
Travel Agency in Hania

Tellus Travel

This full-service travel agency can arrange air and boat tickets and also book cars, accommodation and excursions around Crete.
Police in Hania

Tourist Police

The tourist police can assist with legal matters in multiple languages, including English, French and German.
Tourist Information in Hania

Hania City Tourist Office

Modest selection of brochures, maps and transport timetables at the town hall. Open some Saturdays.
Travel Agency in Hania

Diktynna Travel

Organises a range of cultural and ecotourism activities and tours.
Bank in Hania

National Bank of Greece

Has a 24-hr currency exchange machine.
Bank in Hania

Alpha Bank

Post in Hania

Post Office