Top Choice Museum in Hania

Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Collection

The Byzantine museum is in the impressively restored Venetian Church of San Salvatore. It has a small but fascinating collection of artefacts, icons, jewellery and coins spanning the period from AD 62 to 1913, inclu…
Top Choice Museum in Hania

Archaeological Museum

The setting alone in the beautifully restored 16th-century Venetian Church of San Francisco is reason to visit this fine collection of artefacts from neolithic to Roman times. The museum’s late-Minoan sarcophagi cat…
Top Choice Historic Site in Hania

Venetian Harbour

A stroll around the old harbour is a must for any visitor to Hania. Pastel-coloured historic homes and businesses line the harbour, zigzagging back into narrow lanes lined with shops. The entire area is ensconced in…
Top Choice Museum in Hania

Maritime Museum of Crete

Part of the hulking Venetian-built Firkas Fortress at the western port entrance, this museum celebrates Crete’s nautical tradition with model ships, naval instruments, paintings, photographs, maps and memorabilia. O…
Museum in Hania

Cretan House Folklore Museum

Hania’s interesting Folklore Museum contains a selection of crafts including weavings with traditional designs, local paintings, as well as several rooms of a traditional Cretan house. Find the entrance inside the c…
Museum in Hania

Permanent Collection of Ancient & Traditional Shipbuilding

The Minoa, a painstaking replica of a Minoan ship that sailed from Crete to Athens for the 2004 Olympics ceremonies, now permanently docks in a converted Venetian shipyard (neoria). Tools used in its making and phot…
Synagogue in Hania

Etz Hayyim Synagogue

Crete’s only remaining synagogue (dating from the 15th century) was badly damaged in WWII and reopened in 1999. It sports a mikve (ritual bath), tombs of rabbis and a memorial to the local Jews killed by the Nazis. …
Gallery in Hania

Municipal Art Gallery

Hania’s modern three-level art gallery hosts exhibitions of contemporary Greek art.
Church in Hania

Church of Agios Nikolaos

This church is quite memorably attached to one of Hania’s two remaining minarets, and a bell tower rises over its opposite end. The church’s foundations were laid in 1205 by Venetians, but Franciscan monks can proba…
Museum in Hania

Eleftherios Venizelos Residence & Museum

Some 2km east of the old town, in the Halepa neighbourhood, the Eleftherios Venizelos Residence & Museum preserves the great statesman’s home in splendid fashion, with original furnishings, maps and other inform…