Gythio attractions

Museum in Gythio

Folkloric Museum

It may be compact, but this museum does a wonderful job of bringing to life the past residents of Gythio and the surrounding Mani. Themed rooms exhibit everything from a historic classroom to objects relating to the…
Museum in Gythio

Shadow Theatre Museum

This beautiful little studio-museum-shop is run by personable local artist Giorgos Hassanakos. The small upstairs gallery pays homage to traditional shadow puppets, plus has a range of the artist's own creations, in…
Historic Site in Gythio

Marathonisi Islet

According to mythology, tranquil, pine-shaded Marathonisi, connected to Gythio by a thin causeway, is ancient Cranae, where Paris (prince of Troy) and Helen (wife of Menelaus) consummated the affair that sparked the…