Top things to do in Gialos

Top Choice Fusion in Gialos


Admittedly it's a little overpriced, but this wine-red bijou restaurant run by two Argentinian brothers is Symi’s most exciting restaurant. A modern Mediterranean menu changes daily, combining signature dishes like …
Top Choice Taverna in Gialos


There’s no more romantic restaurant in the Dodecanese than this lovely taverna, poised at the tip of Harani Bay, along the quay from central Gialos. The sunset views from its waterfront tables are stupendous, and so…
Top Choice Seafood in Gialos


This old-school taverna, with Santorini-blue walls decked in vintage diving photos and antique mirrors, is as pretty as it is friendly. And while its souvlakia, meatballs and roast lamb are tasty, most diners come h…
Top Choice Bar in Gialos


Ultra-welcoming quayside bar, 100m along Harani Bay beyond the clock tower. As well as tables on a tree-shaded terrace, it offers stone benches carved into the sea wall. Cushioned and whitewashed, they're perfect fo…
Taverna in Gialos

Taverna Giorgo & Maria

Bouzouki music piping across its breezy pebble-mosaic courtyard and veranda, soaring views of the gas-blue bay below, and a memorable selection of Symi shrimp, braised rabbit, pork casserole, swordfish, lobster and …
Village in Gialos


Climbing calf-crunching, knee-knobbling Kali Strata, the broad stair path that sets off from the alleyways behind the harbour, will bring you in a mere 500-or-so steps to the hilltop village of Horio. En route you’l…
Taverna in Gialos

To Spitiko

Owners Eruala and Fortes make their food with great care and zest, and while the place on the tip of Harani Bay harbour might not look spectacular, the cuisine most definitely is. Lemon potatoes, country sausage, Sy…
Greek in Gialos

Paradise Beach Bar

Paradise has Aegean-blue tables and chairs and owns the sun loungers on the nearby beach of Nos (free to diners). Plenty of fishy options from octopus, lobster and shrimp as well as mezedhes (appetisers).
Seafood in Gialos

Manos Fish Restaurant

Festooned in nets and nautical lanterns, its walls astir with lobsters in tanks, Manos is a typical fish restaurant offering dishes like octopus cooked in wine, shark fillet, crab claws and sea snails.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Gialos

Olive Wood

Redolent with the scent of olive wood this small shop is packed to the gills with the eponymous wood: spoons, chopping boards, cups, backgammon boards and more... On the south side of the harbour.