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Private Sailtrip to Symi Island

Sail to the beautiful island of Symi which lies about 23 nm north-west of Rhodes. It has a much-indented coast, ideal for a sailing holiday. A great experience, as you enter the port of Simi (Gialos), is the scenic view of the neoclassical mansions on top of the other right up the barren hill sides.Ai Giorgis Disalonas, the most impressive beach in Symi with its trademark 300 meter-tall rock laying its shadow on the sand. The name “Disalonas” originates from the word “disalotos” which is used for places with difficult access. This beach is accessible only by boat.Panormitis΄ monastery comes out as we enter the well hidden cove of Panormitis, which overlooks the town’s beautiful blue bay. It’s tradition for every Greek sailor to pay a visit to the monastery sometime during his life. The Cove of Panormitis is one of the most peaceful and serene places on Symi Island.
12 hours