Top things to do in Gaïos

Top Choice Mediterranean in Gaïos


Paxi's finest restaurant serves local food that’s head and shoulders above the harbour-front tavernas, for much the same price. Set 400m up from central Gaïos, it features a refined indoor dining room and a romantic…
Taverna in Gaïos


Dodos is a friendly little taverna hidden away in a colourful and very quirky secret garden (follow the signs from the southern end of the waterfront). Come for traditional dishes such as lamb cooked with honey or p…
Cafe in Gaïos

Capriccio Creperie

Pretty little lilac villa, with a handful of quayside tables, slightly southeast of the centre. The waffles and crêpes are superfresh, while the delicious homemade ice cream, including flavours such as kaimaki (mast…
Taverna in Gaïos


A short walk up from town, this rustic taverna is redolent with the aromas of souvlaki and lamb chops fired up on the grill, and succulent meatballs in tomato sauce.