Folegandros in detail

Getting Around

The local bus meets all ferry arrivals and takes passengers to Hora (€1.80, 3km). From Hora there are buses to the port one hour before ferry departures. Buses from Hora run hourly in summer to Ano Meria (€1.80) and divert to Angali Beach (€2.20).

There is a taxi service on Folegandros. Fares to the port are about €7 to €10, to Ano Meria €10 and to Angali Beach €10 to €14.

You can hire cars/ATVs/motorbikes from a number of outlets in high season for about €60/40/25 per day. Rates can drop by half outside high season. Donkey Scooters and Tomaso in Hora are good options.

In summer, small boats regularly run between beaches.