Top things to do in Florina

Taverna in Florina


A proper local taverna that is as frill-free as it is authentic – go for the beetroot salad with feta, grilled peppers, shrimp saganaki (fried with cheese), or any of the grilled meats.
Cafe in Florina

Sakoulevas Cafe Restaurant

Feast on traditional Florina specialities at this agreeable cafe right next to the rushing Sakoulevas River. Hearty favourites such as Prespa beans, grilled trout and 'grandma's meatballs' keep a bustling clientele …
Cafe in Florina

Women's Cafe

A superfriendly cake shop run by the wonderful Flora, where you can sip tea and coffee by day and enjoy drinks by night, and eat homemade sweets. The decor is homey and rustic, and occasionally there are live music …
Cafe in Florina

El Greco

This a superpopular spot on Pavlou Mela, with comfortable sofas facing the street so that you can keep an eye on all the people walking up and down the street. Lots of coffee-sipping students gather here morning and…
Greek in Florina


Koukoutsi serves refreshing mezedhes, steamed mussels, and famous Florina red peppers with garlic and tomato. The range of grilled meats ensures you won't leave hungry.
Cafe in Florina

Art Café

At Pavlou Mela's western end, this vibrant cafe has floral outdoor seating and plenty of space to people watch over coffee.
Museum in Florina

Archaeological Museum

This museum near the train station paints a picture of the verdant Florina region across millennia, with detailed exhibits on daily life and traditions in ancient Macedonia. Look out for stone reliefs adorned with M…
Cafe in Florina

Olympion Café

This lively cafe on pedestrianised Pavlou Mela is where Florina's young and glamorous come to sip an iced coffee.
Taverna in Florina

Taverna To Petrino

If you're waiting for a train, this taverna on the crossroads above the station has standard Greek fare.