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Top Choice Museum in Fira

Museum of Prehistoric Thera

Opposite the bus station, this well-presented museum houses extraordinary finds excavated from Akrotiri and is all the more impressive when you realise just how old they are. Most remarkable is the glowing gold ibex…
Museum in Fira

Megaro Gyzi Museum

Come to this quiet escape in the town’s north to take in fascinating photographs of Fira before and immediately after the 1956 earthquake, along with a collection of maps, engravings, paintings and 15th-century manu…
Museum in Fira

Archaeological Museum

Near the cable-car station, this museum houses impressive finds from Akrotiri and Ancient Thira including some unbelievably detailed clay statuettes come from the latter site, including a donkey, pig, ram and birds.…
Club in Fira


A Fira top spot with three bars and a big dance space, this is the catwalk clientele’s favourite spot amid cool decor and full-on sounds from house to mainstream hits.
Club in Fira

Koo Club

Multi-tiered outdoor balconies with sofas to lounge on while you hang out with your new best friends, sipping cocktails to live DJs.
Bar in Fira

Kira Thira

The oldest bar in Fira and one of the best. Dark wood and vaulted ceilings give it an intimate, cavel-like atmosphere with smooth cocktails and smoother jazz.
Taverna in Fira


Central and cheerfully dressed in red gingham, this terrace restaurant has surprisingly reasonable prices. It’s a longstanding favourite with locals and tourist alike, with top traditional dishes like mussels sagana…
Winery in Fira


The best place to start your wine adventure. The island’s cooperative of grape-growers, it’s a large tourist-focused complex on the caldera edge near the port. It has short tours of the production process and lots o…
Winery in Fira

Wine Museum

At the Koutsoyannopoulos Winery en route to Kamari, this heavily promoted attraction has a a pricey, slightly kitsch museum in a traditional canava (winery). Admission includes tastings of four wines.
Winery in Fira


A relaxed, rustic winery on the way south to Akrotiri, with a great offer: up to 34 Greek wines available to try for €1 per taste. Simple local dishes on offer too.