Don't Miss: Ano Syros

The narrow lanes and whitewashed houses of Ano Syros, originally a medieval Catholic settlement, tower above Ermoupoli. From the bus terminus, head into the delightful maze and search out the finest of the Catholic churches, the 13th-century Agios Georgios Cathedral, with its star-fretted barrel roof and baroque capitals (still under renovation at the time of research). Continue past stunning viewpoints to reach the main street; the sweet Our Lady of Mt Carmel; the Vamvakaris Museum, celebrating locally born patriarch of rembetika (blues) Markos Vamvakaris; and the monasteries of the Jesuits and the Capuchins. Prepare to get lost, but try to find your way back to the view-enriched terraces of the handful of cafes and taverna along the main laneway.