Top things to do

Top Choice Canyon in Zagorohoria

Vikos Gorge

The Voïdomatis River, a tributary of the Aoös, carved the 12km-long, 900m-deep Vikos Gorge over millions of years, leaving stark cliffs and yawning depths. According to Guinness, it’s the world’s deepest canyon in p…
Top Choice Taverna in Ioannina

Stoa Louli

Built in 1875, Stoa Louli has been an inn, a trade centre for Jewish leather merchants and an Ottoman Bank. Fronted by grand arches, this friendly place serves delicious Greek favourites, some with a contemporary tw…
Top Choice Greek in Parga

Castello Restaurant

Local favourite Castello whips up a creative menu of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Fish brochettes and steaks keep the grill smoking, while homemade pasta dishes burst with fresh seafood and herbs. The owners are…
Top Choice Seafood in Preveza


This well-loved taverna spills onto a flowering side lane off the waterfront. A local favourite, Amvrosios whips up some of the town's best seafood – the battered squid is perfectly crunchy on the outside, the grill…
Top Choice Taverna in Zagorohoria

Taverna Sopotseli

Dilofo’s little taverna has a beautiful terrace and a calm, relaxed interior. It has wonderful salads, excellent grilled meat and game, and tasty local pies. There is also a good Greek wine list, and the service is …
Top Choice Bistro in Parga


An array of Italian-inspired dishes are served with a smile at this refreshing bistro in Parga's old town. Try the seafood risotto with fresh tomato and parsley, or grab crêpes and juices for a quick bite.
Top Choice Cafe in Ioannina

Byzantine Museum Cafe

On Its Kale, the museum cafe is popular with locals and visitors alike, with its big grassy grounds and beautiful views. It serves food too, but most come for a coffee and chat in the gorgeous setting.
National Park in Zagorohoria

Vikos-Aoös National Park

Vikos-Aoös National Park bursts with pristine rivers and forests, flowering meadows, and shimmering lakes that reflect jagged mountains and endless blue sky. Almost one-third of Greece’s flora (some endemic) lives h…
Ruins in Epiros

Nekromanteio of Afyra

Who would have imagined the gate of Hades, god of the underworld, to be fringed by cypress glades and flower-strewn meadows? This late-4th-century-BC site near Mesopotamo, 20km from Parga, was once famed as a place …
Monastery in To Nisi

Moni Filanthropinon

Moni Filanthropinon looks unassuming from the outside. But after entering the monastery courtyard, the caretaker will usher you through a wooden door for you to see unflinchingly macabre frescoes of the fates of the…