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Top Choice Greek in Elounda


This hidden jewel sits two minutes’ walk behind the square occupying a century-old cube house with Cycladic blue shutters and fronted by a garden of shady olive trees and palms. The menu is trad-Greek with meat cook…
Cretan in Elounda


Adonis Bebelakis cooks for pleasure as well as profit, refrains from overcrowding his tables, and sources his local raw materials with care. The style is slow cooking including such Cretan classics as oven-cooked la…
Arts & Crafts in Elounda


An attractive craft and gift shop that offers photocopying alongside its selection of books, stationery and artefacts.
Bar in Elounda


Looking a little faded now, Katafygio is known for its Cretan and Greek music nights and occasional belly-dancing sessions. Find it at the southern end of the Elounda waterfront, housed in a former carob-processing …
Mediterranean in Elounda

Fresco Eatery

On the corner of the main square beside the clcoktower, this tasty joint has a lively alfresco area and dishes up huge fresh salads, pizza, pasta, gyros and burgers.
Greek in Elounda


One of the oldest and most traditional restaurants in town, Marilena enchants with check-cloth tables, Cretan handicraft, musical instruments on the walls, and a lively atmosphere lit with good service and fine food…
Bar in Elounda

Haroupo Ergospacio Cafe Bar

Easy tunes, cream shabby-chic furniture, a handsome stone and wood bar, as well as sofas and scattered wooden chests make this a tasteful waterfront spot to gather by the lap of the waves and watch the sundown. Cock…
Cretan in Elounda


Boasting a floating pontoon deck for diners, the harbour-side Kalidon turns over a decent selection of fish and meat standards. There’s a mixed fish dish at €19 for one or €37 for two.
Bar in Elounda

Alyggos Bar

Twenty-five years young, this popular tourist bar on the main square offers late-night disco, and by day, a cool, shadowy spot to watch the football. Wood ceiling, candelabra and a nice vibe.
Bar in Elounda


Attractive decor and an upbeat tone make Babel a cool venue for drinks. It’s just along from the prominent clock tower on the harbour.