Top things to do in Edessa

Waterfall in Edessa

Waterfalls Park

Several viewing points around Waterfalls Park allow you to gaze at Edessa's star attraction. The larger of the two falls, Karanos, is quite impressive at 70m high. A path winds downwards to a second, smaller waterfa…
Greek in Edessa


Ousies serves mezedhes, such as dolmadhes and fish, and roast lamb and simple but delicious salads. It's all accompanied by fiery tsipouro (distilled spirit similar to raki), the best being from the local grape vari…
Taverna in Edessa

Irtha & Edessa

A short walk from the waterfalls, this local favourite, set in a glass construction, has spit-roasted lamb and grilled meat specialities, as well as a great choice of vegetable dishes and innovative, heaped salads. …
Taverna in Edessa

Katarraktes Edessas

Publicly owned Katarraktes Edessas, before the waterfalls, is an old-school restaurant serving standard but dependable fare. Hearing the rushing of the stream water from your outdoor table is quite a treat.
Cave in Edessa

Waterfalls Park Cave

The cave at Waterfalls Park is worth a peep for its fanglike stalactites, though the narrow grotto is sadly scarred by graffiti. Through the cave you can stand behind Karanos falls' curtain of falling water.
Museum in Edessa

Folkloric Museum

Written explanation is scant at this small museum in the Varosi quarter, but there are plenty of embroidered rugs, farming implements and looms across the three floors to satisfy fans of folk history.
Museum in Edessa

Water Museum

The Water Museum exhibits various water-industry equipment, most of it laid out in an open-air setting a short walk from the waterfalls at Waterfalls Park.
Cafe in Edessa


One of Edessa's livelier drinking spots, in Varosi, you can enjoy coffee frappés in the morning and beers in the evenings, and mingle with the locals.