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Greek in Edessa


Ousies serves mezedhes, such as dolmadhes and fish, and roast lamb and simple but delicious salads. It's all accompanied by fiery tsipouro (distilled spirit similar to raki), the best being from the local grape vari…
Taverna in Edessa

Irtha & Edessa

A short walk from the waterfalls, this local favourite, set in a glass construction, has spit-roasted lamb and grilled meat specialities, as well as a great choice of vegetable dishes and innovative, heaped salads. …
Taverna in Edessa

Katarraktes Edessas

Publicly owned Katarraktes Edessas, before the waterfalls, is an old-school restaurant serving standard but dependable fare. Hearing the rushing of the stream water from your outdoor table is quite a treat.