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Archaeological Site in Zakros & Kato Zakros

Zakros Palace

Ancient Zakros, the smallest of Crete’s four Minoan palatial complexes, was a major port, trading with Egypt, Syria, Anatolia and Cyprus. And, like the other three, it comprised royal apartments, shrines, storerooms…
Greek in Zakros & Kato Zakros

Akrogiali Taverna

The food gods have been smiling upon Kato Zakros’ oldest taverna that does a brisk business in fresh-off-the-boat fish and Cretan classics, all prepared with locally sourced ingredients, including oil made from the …
Greek in Vai

Vai Restaurant & Cafe

There are lovely views of the palms and the white sand of Vaï beach from the covered terrace of this waterfront restaurant serving classic Greek fare, including fish and grilled meats. The cafe below has cold drinks…
Archaeological Site in East Coast


The ancient Minoan site of Itanos is about 3km north of Vaï. It may appear fairly forlorn today, but this was once an important site. Inhabited from about 1500 BC, Itanos was clearly prosperous by the 7th century BC…
Canyon in Zakros & Kato Zakros

Valley of the Dead

Kato Zakros, the Valley of the Dead, takes its name from the ancient burial sites in the numerous caves dotting the canyon walls. Its setting is awesome; a long winding road snaking downhill from Zakros through a st…
Greek in Zakros & Kato Zakros

Kato Zakros Bay

With its stone floors, open range and tables topped with Cretan rugs, this is an atmospheric spot for dinner. Local vegetables are grown next door, and occassionally the owner plays live music. A menu of mussels, do…
Mezedhes in Palekastro

To Finistrini

About 200m along the Vaï road, this neat little ouzerie-cum-mezedhopoleio dishes up tasty mezedhes that go down well with a shot or 10 of raki. It also sells myriad grilled dishes, souvlaki, chicken fillet, pasta an…
Greek in Palekastro


Attractively finished in colourful murals, this friendly taverna on the main street cooks only with olive oil and has some lovely dishes like chicken with lemon sauce, red mullet and tasty mezedhes with plenty of ve…
Museum in Zakros & Kato Zakros

Zakros Natural History Museum

A short distance past the village square en route to Kato Zakros, this great little museum is dedicated to the flora and fauna found in the Valley of the Dead, with stuffed animals, rocks and fossils.
Museum in Palekastro

Folk Museum of Palekastro

Tucked away in a back street and signposted from the main road, the well-presented Folk Museum of Palekastro is housed in a traditional manor house with displays in the old stables and bakery.