Top things to do in Delphi

Top Choice Archaeological Site in Delphi

Sanctuary of Apollo

The hillside Sanctuary of Apollo, 750m east of the village, was the heart of the Delphic oracle. The Sacred Way, the path that climbs to its centrepiece Temple of Apollo, was lined in ancient times by treasuries and…
Top Choice Museum in Delphi

Delphi Archaeological Museum

Delphi’s magnificent modern museum, 500m east of town, perfectly complements the ancient site alongside. Which you visit first doesn’t matter, but the treasures collected here will bring your image of ancient Delphi…
Top Choice Taverna in Delphi

Taverna Vakhos

Delphi’s best restaurant, this exceptional place uses fresh local ingredients and mountain herbs. Along with generous salads and hearty lamb and rooster dishes, the menu includes delicious veggie options ranging fro…
Archaeological Site in Delphi

Ancient Delphi

Of all Greece's archaeological sites, Ancient Delphi has the most potent spirit of place. Centring on the mountainside Sanctuary of Apollo, home to the ancient world’s most renowned oracle, this sacred spot was neve…
Archaeological Site in Delphi

Sanctuary of Athena Pronea

For ancient pilgrims, Delphi’s first stop was the Sanctuary of Athena Pronea, now set just below the road 800m east of the Sanctuary of Apollo. This lovely spot is best known as home to the superbly photogenic Tholo…
Cafe in Delphi

Melopoleio Cafe

Smart little café on the inland side of the main road through road, with a cosy interior plus street-side watch-the-world-go-by seating. Over the course of the day, it morphs from serving espresso drinks, teas from …
Coffee in Delphi

Café Apollon

A happy blend of old and new, Apollon is a charming, traditional kafeneio (coffeehouse) on the inside, coupled with a broad tiled terrace with stunning views. Linger over a great-value breakfast, coffees and snacks.
Museum in Delphi

Sikelianos Museum

Fans of Greek drama should head to this intimate 1920s mansion-turned-museum, which overlooks Delphi both ancient and modern. It's dedicated to Greek poet Angelos Sikelianos and his American-born wife Eva Palmer, wh…
Museum in Delphi

Folklore Museum of Chrisso

An imposing mansion and former school in the traditional village of Chrisso, 6km southwest of Delphi by road, now holds an enjoyable museum of local life. Fronted by colourful citrus trees, it shows off 19th-century…
Greek in Delphi

Taverna To Patriko Mas

Set in a 19th-century stone building, this smart restaurant opens into a large rear room with panoramic views, and also has an outdoor patio. Something of a place to linger in, it offers unusual salads and generous …