Delos in detail


Boats disgorge visitors at the Sacred Harbour, where long queues form for the ticket gates. Most people then head left towards the Sanctuary of Apollo, the spiritual heart of the complex, but it's a large site and there's no need to follow the crowds. To the right is the Theatre Quarter, where Delos’ wealthiest inhabitants lived in houses built around peristyle courtyards, with intricate, colourful mosaics. Beyond this are the Sanctuaries of the Foreign Gods and the path leading up Mt Kynthos; it’s worth the steep climb for the terrific views of the encircling islands.

Make sure you allow the best part of an hour to visit the excellent Archaeological Museum. If there's time remaining, take the path beyond the museum to the Stadium Quarter.

Feature: Sanctuaries of the Foreign Gods

Delos was a place of worship for many cultures beyond the Greeks, and their temples are concentrated in the area called the Sanctuaries of the Foreign Gods on the slope of Mt Kynthos. The remains of a 1st-century BC synagogue have also been uncovered near the stadium.

Samothrakeion The Kabeiroi, a mysterious group of Samothracian deities, were worshipped here.

Sanctuary of the Syrian Gods Built in around 150 BC, this complex was dedicated to the Syrian gods Atargatis and Hadad, who were popular in the Greek world.

Sanctuary of the Egyptian Gods Honoured deities including Serapis and Isis.