Train in Bali

Bali Express

A good way to get around is by the Bali Express, a tourist train that makes 11 stops in town and at the beaches.
Car Rental in Panormo


Rents mainly new, small vehicles to explore the region.
Car Rental in Bali

Auto Bali

Rental cars that they will bring to you at the airport. You can also hire cars through the tour agencies.
Airline in Crete

Sky Express

Greek destinations from Iraklio include Athens, Mytilini (Lesvos), Rhodes, Kos, Samos, Chios, Karpathos and Volos. From Sitia flights serve Iraklio, Alexandroupolis and Preveza. Strict baggage allowances.
Tickets in Agia Roumeli

Anendyk Ticket Office

The Anendyk boat ticket office is 50m inland from the ferry quay.
Airline in Crete

Aegean Airlines

Services from Iraklio and Hania to Athens and Thessaloniki, Rhodes, with numerous onward connections throughout Europe as well as to Cairo, İstanbul, Tel Aviv, New York and Toronto. Direct flights from London-Heathr…
Airline in Crete

Olympic Air

Connects Iraklio and Hania with Athens, Sitia with Rhodes, and operates other domestic routes.
Boat in Sougia

Captain George’s Water Taxi

Captain George’s Water Taxi serves the coast near Sougia.
Taxi in Sougia


Various taxi drivers serve Sougia, and have a central kiosk on the waterfront.
Boat in Sougia

Anendyk boat ticket office

Sougia is on the Anendyk Paleohora–Hora Sfakion boat route. In high season, once daily boats serve Agia Roumeli (€9, 45 minutes), Loutro (€13, 1½ hours) and Hora Sfakion (€14, 1¾ hours) to the east and Paleohora (€9…