The birthplace of Zeus, Crete is a vast and multifaceted island whose sun-blessed landscape is a quilt of soaring mountains, dramatic gorges and stunning beaches.

The northern coast, with its nearly uninterrupted strip of beach resorts, has built-up infrastructure and gets the most visitors.

The rugged interior, by contrast, is largely untouched by mass tourism. A dreamy mosaic of sleepy villages, terraced vineyards and fertile valleys, dotted with Byzantine churches and historic monasteries, the interior invites exploration at a leisurely pace.

Those with a sense of adventure will be enchanted by the largely untamed south. Serpentine roads dead-end in isolated coves and the landscape is sliced by steep gorges, where rare plants and animals thrive.





Venetian Chic

The splendid Venetian port of Hania is bursting with colour and the time-tested pomp appropriate to the former maritime empire of Venice. Trace your way down the massive stone walls, past the arsenals and shipyards, and along the historic mansions (now housing stylish hotels) to gaze over the waterfront, drink in hand.

Crystal-Clear Seas

Embraced by the open Mediterranean (next stop, Spain or Africa!), western Crete has pristine, crystal-clear waters, heated to almost tropical temperatures at pink-sand beaches such as Elafonisi, Balos and Falasarna.

Ultimate Survival

The Lefka Ori (White Mountains) south of Hania comprise Crete’s wildest terrain, interspersed with deep gorges, labyrinthine caves and raw cliffs. Whether you’re after white-knuckle driving, gorge trekking, rock climbing or even (way) off-piste skiing in winter, this is the place to go.


Ancient Sites


Family Travel

Minoan Marvels

Endowed with the greatest concentration of Minoan ruins, Iraklio is a magnet for archaeology fans. Stand in awe of the achievements of Europe’s oldest civilisation when surveying the palaces of Knossos, Malia, Phaestos and Zakros, plus scores of minor sites.

Life’s a Beach

Whether you like your sandy strand infused with a party vibe or prefer a tranquil and remote setting, there's a beach waiting for you to spread your towel.

Childish Delights

Not only do Cretans love children, in Iraklio they have also come up with myriad ways to entertain them in grand style. Let the kids frolic by the sea or take them to enchanting aquariums, adrenaline-packed water parks, placid playgrounds and hands-on museums.


Ancient Sites



Lesser-Known Minoans

Lasithi may not have the painted and polished Minoan ruins of Knossos, but Gournia and Kato Zakros evoke a sometimes deeper awareness. Their wild surroundings and the haunting sense of a lost world fire the imagination towards a more personal sense of place and of the past.

Isolated Beaches

Although famous venues such as palm-lined Vaï draw summer crowds, Lasithi’s beaches are generally free of too much organised lounging. You’ll find hidden coves and small sandy bays where you’ll luxuriate in blissful isolation, such as Itanos and Xerokambos.

High Hiking

Some of Crete’s finest mountains dominate the Lasithi skyline. Their airy summits and deep gorges offer superb hiking and trekking amid the heady scents of wildflowers and aromatic herbs. Hiking the spectacular Zakros Gorge to the sea is a prime option.





Historic Sites

All phases of Cretan history are represented in Rethymno, whose eponymous main town is itself a pretty pastiche of Venetian and Ottoman architecture. Monasteries that stood firm against the Turks, and remote mountain villages drenched in age-old traditions, will leave you wanting more.

Remote Shores

There’s something otherworldly about Rethymno’s corrugated southern coast, where craggy inlets embrace perfect little beaches that are often footprint-free. This is the place to dig your toes in the sand and indulge in island dreams.

Mesmerising Views

Lorded over by Crete’s highest peak, the often snow-capped Mt Psiloritis, Rethymno delights shutterbugs with dazzling vistas of dramatic gorges, tranquil valleys and velvety hills blanketed with olive groves, vineyards and wildflowers.