Corfu Town drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Bar in Corfu Town

Firi Firi – The Beer House

Sample local and imported beers, either inside the custard-coloured villa at the foot of the steps leading up to the New Fortress, or at the terraced tables beside the neighbouring church; if you find it hard to lea…
Top Choice Bar in Corfu Town

Mikro Café

Whether your favoured beverage is coffee, wine or beer, the Old Town holds no finer spot for drinking and people-watching than the delightful, multilevel vine-shaded terrace of the convivial 'little cafe'.
Top Choice Juice Bar in Corfu Town

Antonis Toursas Juice Bar

Inconspicuous family grocery, where a street-front counter sells superb, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, at twice the quality for half the price of flashier Old Town outfits.
Club in Corfu Town

54 Dreamy Nights

Gleaming, bright-white nightspot, west along the New Port, with a minimalist aesthetic, spectacular night shows and a retractable roof. Open-air DJ parties and live gigs by big-name Greek music stars attract up to 3…
Bar in Corfu Town


In-the-know bar and venue for performance art and experimental music, reached by turning left along the hillside footpath at the top of the steps up from Solomou, below the New Fort.
Coffee in Corfu Town

Piccolo Espresso Bar

Stylish little espresso cafe, on the Town Hall square, where the soothing, dazzling white courtyard is also ideal for a late-night drink.
Bar in Corfu Town

Cavalieri Hotel Rooftop Bar

Rather wonderful rooftop bar that makes an ideal venue for mellow pre-dinner drinks, with stunning views across the Spianada to the Old Fort. There's the hope that you’ll stay for an Italian-flavoured meal, but you …
Cafe in Corfu Town


Chic, split-level venue across from the Spianada, with an all-day beach bar on its own little gravel beach, and several higher tiers incorporating a restaurant, a cafe and, after sundown, a fully fledged nightclub.
Bar in Corfu Town

Kourdisto Portokali

A cool haven for the Old Town’s retro rockers, on a hilly alleyway just south of the cathedral; the name means 'Clockwork Orange', hence the splendid hanging sign. There’s always a rocking vinyl soundtrack.
Cafe in Corfu Town

Café Bristol

With its ochre facade, jungle wallpaper, Hieronymus Bosch prints, faintly decrepit benches and countless light bulbs, this long-established central hang-out has the laid-back feel of a bohemian Paris cafe.