Top Choice Museum in Chios Town

Korais Library & Philip Argenti Museum

On the upper floor of the remarkable Korais Library, the Philip Argenti Museum contains a 19th-century birthing chair, along with shepherds' tools, embroidery, traditional costumes and portraits of the wealthy Argen…
Museum in Southern Chios

Chios Mastic Museum

Brave new architecture arrives in Chios in the form of this airy hilltop structure that casts a curious glance on mastic gardens and ancient stone houses in the valley below, like a prodigious urban teenager on a vi…
Cave in Southern Chios

Cave of Sykia Olymbi

A 150-million-year-old cavern discovered accidentally in 1985, it's 57m deep and filled with multicoloured stalactites and other rock formations that have whimsical names such as the Pipe Organ, Cacti and Jellyfish.
Village in Central Chios


At the end of a silent stretch of road that branches off the main road near Avgonyma, this solemn site serves as a reminder of the island's brutal history. The abandoned village of grey-stone houses and narrow stepp…
Church in Southern Chios

Churches of the Taxiarhes

There are two Churches of the Taxiarhes (Archangels). The older and smaller one dates from Byzantine times and features a magnificent 17th-century iconostasis. The larger, 19th-century church was built entirely from…
Church in Southern Chios

Church of Agios Apostolos

Covered from floor to ceiling with exquisite crumbling frescoes, this tiny chapel off the main square is one of the most remarkable religious buildings in Chios.
Museum in Chios Town

Archaeological Museum

Along with prehistoric and archaic treasures from the excavations of the British School at Emporios, this collection includes impressive Neolithic and Classical finds (coins, sculptures and pottery) from Agios Galas…
Cave in Northern Chios

Agio Galas Cave

The largest and most impressive cave on Chios, with bizarre formations. It makes for a cool escape in summer.
Monastery in Central Chios

Nea Moni

At the island’s centre, Nea Moni is a World Heritage–listed 11th-century Byzantine monastery. Once one of Greece’s richest monasteries, it attracted pre-eminent Byzantine artists to create the mosaics in its katholi…
Museum in Chios Town

Giustiniani Palace Museum

Near the main gate of the kastro, this tiny museum (or 'Palataki') still looks like the 15th-century fortress it once was. Of particular interest are 12 Byzantine frescoes of the prophets, dating from the 13th centu…