Carnival in Arahova

Festival of Agios Georgios

Held in town around 23 April (if this date falls during Lent, the festival is postponed until the following Easter Tuesday), this is a joyous three-day celebration with virtually the entire village in costume. There…
Sports in Northeast Pelion

Tsagarada Escape Festival

Billed as a combination 'Sea & Mountain Sports Festival' with music concerts, this mostly free prefecture-sponsored four-day event kicks off the summer in Tsagarada with organised hiking, archery, horseback ridi…
Food & Drink in Northeast Pelion

Apple Festival of Zagora

Every autumn, the town of Zagora hosts a two-day festival celebrating the region's many varieties of apple, including the small-is-the-new-big firiki apple. There are cooking competitions, and much eating, drinking …