Meteora - Delphi - Olympia - Argolida 5 Days Private Tour

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Meteora - Delphi - Olympia - Argolida 5 Days Private Tour Top Visits • Corinth Canal • Ancient Corinth - Acrocorinth • Temple of Apollo • Archaeological Museum of Ancient Mycenea • Archaeological Site Mycenae  • Lion Gate - Citadel and Treasury of Atreus • Akronafplia Fortress - Nafplio - Epidavros • Epidaurus Theater • Sanctuary of Asklepios • Ancient Olympia • Archaeological Museum Olympia • Arachova • Village of Delphi - Mount ParnassusThe Oracle of Delphi - Delphi Ruins • Delphi Archaeological Museum - Temple of Apollo • Sanctuary Athena Pronea (Tholos) – Gymnasium • Meteora Kastraki - Megalo Meteoro Monastery - Varlaam Monastery - Agios Stefanos • Kalabaka Village • Thermopylae Battlefield – Leonidas statue
1st Day:The trip will start with a drive towards to Meteora, On our way we will make a stop at Thermopylae, Meteora where we will visit the monasteries and take a closer look at the holy rocks. On the rocks that are ‘like suspended in the air’ (that’s what Meteora means) there is one of the largest and most important complexes of Eastern Orthodox Monasteries still in use.2nd Day:The day next we will follow the road to reach the village of Delphi,an ancient Greek sanctuary with a PanHellenic character dedicated to God Apollo. It functioned as an Oracle and was considered ‘the naval’ the center of the world and is today a symbol of Greek cultural unity.3rd Day:The following day we will drive from Arachova to Ancient Olympia, located exactly at the sacred land that gave birth to the Olympic Games, the village is offered for a relaxing walk and of course for a traditional Greek meal. After your lunch we will head towards the site and the museum of Ancient Olympia. You will have the privilege of coming across one of the largest sites in Greece, the birthplace of the Olympic Games the Sanctuary of Olympian Zeus. Walking in the site you will pass by the Gymnasium, the Palaistra, the workshop of Phidias, the temple of Zeus and you will end up at the Stadium where every four years the Greeks competed for glory and spiritual elevation, honoring their cities. The museum is also unique as it includes the renowned statue “Hermes of Praxiteles” with its perfect analogies and tools that belonged to Phidias himself.4th Day:The tour continues on the 4th day with our morning, driving towards Mycenae, located just a few kilometers out of the modern village of Mycenae and there you will be able to see the findings that date back to the 2nd millennium BCE representing the era of Achilles, Agamemnon and Helen of Troy. Just a few minutes away is located the city of Nafplio where we will spend the rest of the day that will bring us to a more recent part of Greek history. Considered as the most scenic city, it functioned as the capital of Greece until 1834. It offers you a outstanding combination of fortresses and castle.5th Day:For our last day we will depart from Nafplio towards Epidaurus but before we leave we will drive up to the castle of Acronafplia to have a unique view of the city and the gulf opened in front of it as your last memory of Nafplio for this trip. After leaving, in a short drive you will be able to visit one of the most important ancient Greek sanctuaries dedicated to god Asclepius, the god of healing and medicine, located in peaceful environment spread on a hilly area reaching its highest point which is the theater of Epidaurus.Last stop before we return will be Ancient Corinth located in the province of Corinthia, just by the Corinth Canal.

What’s included

  • Fuel surcharge
  • Local taxes
  • Bottled water
  • Driver/guide (The drivers are not a licensed to accompany you on your walk to the top of the Acropolis or inside any other site or museum. If you require a licensed guide to tour the sites with you, you need to hire one additionally. If you have any questions you can contact us on the phone number provided by Viator)
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Private tour
  • Transport by private vehicle

What’s not included

  • Accommodation (If you need our help we work with some of the best hotels in each area, we only need to know the number of the rooms)
  • Food and drinks
  • Airport Pick Up and drop-off (Additional cost)
  • Licensed Tour guide on request (Additional cost)