Top things to do in Athens

Top Choice Temple in Acropolis Area


More than any other monument, the Parthenon epitomises the glory of Ancient Greece. Meaning 'virgin's apartment', it's dedicated to Athena Parthenos, the goddess embodying the power and prestige of the city. The lar…
Top Choice Historic Site in Acropolis Area


The Acropolis is the most important ancient site in the Western world. Crowned by the Parthenon, it stands sentinel over Athens, visible from almost everywhere within the city. Its monuments and sanctuaries of white…
Top Choice Museum in Kolonaki

Byzantine & Christian Museum

This outstanding museum does not look like much at first, but its exhibition halls lead one to the next in an expansive underground maze of glimmering gold and mosaics. The exhibits go chronologically, charting the …
Top Choice Museum in Kolonaki

Benaki Museum of Greek Culture

Antonis Benakis, a politician's son born in Alexandria, Egypt, in the late 19th century, endowed what is perhaps the finest museum in Greece. Its three floors showcase impeccable treasures from the Bronze Age up to …
Top Choice Temple in Mets & Pangrati

Temple of Olympian Zeus

A can't-miss on two counts: it's a marvellous temple, the largest in Greece, and it's smack in the centre of Athens. The temple is impressive for the sheer size of its 104 Corinthian columns (17m high with a base di…
Top Choice Museum in Gazi, Keramikos & Metaxourgio

Museum of Islamic Art

While not particularly large, this museum houses one of the world’s most significant collections of Islamic art. Four floors of a mansion display, in ascending chronological order, exceptionally beautiful weaving, j…
Top Choice Theatre in Acropolis Area

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

This large amphitheatre was built in AD 161 by wealthy Roman Herodes Atticus in memory of his wife Regilla. It was excavated in 1857–58 and completely restored in the 1950s. The Athens & Epidaurus Festival holds…
Top Choice Greek in Gazi, Keramikos & Metaxourgio


Gutsy, fresh food, an open kitchen, earnest service, a handwritten daily menu and David Bowie on the soundtrack: Seychelles may be the Platonic ideal of a restaurant. Dishes can look simple – meaty pan-fried mushroo…
Top Choice Taverna in Monastiraki & Psyrri


A fluorescent-lit beacon of good food and kind service on a grimy block, Telis has been serving up simplicity since 1978. There's no menu, just a set meal: a small mountain of charcoal-grilled pork chops atop chips,…
Top Choice Cinema in Syntagma & Plaka

Cine Paris

The Paris was established in the 1920s, and it's still a magical place to see a movie, on a rooftop in Plaka with great views of the Acropolis from some seats.