Shopping in Athens

  • Shopping in Monastiraki & Psyrri


    Evripidou is Athens' traditional street for spices, a couple of highly aromatic blocks of Mediterranean herbs and imported seeds, barks and other wonders. Three generations of the same family have run Fotsi, the most picturesque of half a dozen shops here, all overflowing with hundreds of ways to add flavour and fragrance to your life.

  • Shopping in Kolonaki

    Mastiha Shop

    Mastic ( mastiha in Greek), the medicinal resin from rare trees only found on the island of Chios, is the key ingredient in everything in this store, from natural skin products to a liqueur that’s divine when served chilled.

  • Shopping in Monastiraki & Psyrri


    This Monastiraki landmark opened in 1890 and has an excellent, sometimes museum-quality selection of Greek and European antiques and collectables, including painted dowry chests, icons, coins, glassware, porcelain and furniture.

  • Shopping in Monastiraki & Psyrri

    Yiannis Samouelian

    Wedged between more-modern, generic shops on Ifestou, this shop is the place to buy the bouzouki of your dreams; handmade ones cost around €180. It has been dealing in musical instruments from around the world since 1928.

  • Shopping in Syntagma & Plaka


    Charming store crammed with wooden toys, karagiozi (shadow puppets), ceramics, embroidery and other Greek folk art, as well as carved wooden furniture made by the owner.

  • Shopping in Syntagma & Plaka


    Great travel bookshop with an extensive range of Greece maps and walking and activity guides.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in Monastiraki & Psyrri

    Varvakios Agora

    A wonderful sight in its own right, this huge old wrought-iron market hall is dedicated to fish and meat, especially row upon row of lamb carcasses, hanging in just-barely EU-compliant glass cases. Tavernas within the market, many open 24/7, are an Athenian institution for hangover-busting patsas (tripe soup).

  • Top ChoiceShopping in Acropolis Area


    Specialising in Greek avant-garde rock and obscure sounds, this is one of Athens' top record shops. It stocks a wide range of music genres on vinyl and CD, both new and secondhand. It's also an art gallery, cafe and, on Friday nights, a performance space – check the website to see who's playing.

  • Shopping in Kolonaki

    Allouche Benias Gallery

    Occupying the beautifully restored 1882 Deligeorgis Mansion, designed by Ernst Ziller, this gallery made a splash on the local art scene when it opened in 2018. There's usually a couple of different shows a year with contemporary pieces in all media by both international artists and local talents such as Filippos Kavakas and Elias Kafouros.

  • Shopping in Monastiraki & Psyrri


    Whether you want a moss-green fedora or a nontouristy Greek fisherman's cap, this shoebox of a shop will have it, along with many other felt hats in lovely colours and classic shapes. Most of the stock comes from a workshop upstairs, and prices start at just €10.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in Omonia & Exarhia

    Free Thinking Zone

    Billing itself as Greece's first activist bookshop, the Free Thinking Zone specialises in books on LGBT issues, refugees, violence in society and so on. However, rather than being earnest, it's quite a fun and creative place. It has a cafe and sells locally made souvenirs such as their multilingual board game Beat the Book Bug.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in Monastiraki & Psyrri


    Meaning 'raft', Shedia is Greece's version of street-vendor magazines such as the Big Issue. Unsold copies are now being upcycled into an appealing range of homewares and accessories including papier-mâché lampshades and bowls, and dainty earrings and necklaces. The space beneath their editorial offices has been reimagined as a shop and stylish cafe-bar.

  • Shopping in Syntagma & Plaka


    Many pharmacies stock some of this popular line of natural beauty products, but you can get the full range at the company's original location, where it grew out of a homeopathic pharmacy.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in Omonia & Exarhia


    A Greek-Spanish duo specialising in silkscreen designs inspired by classical motifs. Especially nice are their leather notebooks, wallets and more, where black ink on the natural hide echoes the colours of ancient pottery. Some of their work shows up in museum shops, but this storefront and workspace has the best selection.

  • Shopping in Monastiraki & Psyrri

    Center of Hellenic Tradition

    This organisation collects excellent traditional craftwork and stocks its shop with ceramics, sculpture and handicrafts from around the country.

  • Shopping in Omonia & Exarhia


    Niko and Taso design the simple, elegant Athens- and Greece-inspired graphics that adorn the T-shirts, accessories and art prints sold in this tiny shop. Their products are available in a few other boutiques and gift shops around the city, but this one has the largest selection in a full range of sizes and colours.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in Syntagma & Plaka

    Forget Me Not

    This impeccable small store (two shops, one upstairs and one down around the corner) stocks super-cool gear, from fashion to housewares and gifts, all by contemporary Greek designers. Great for gift shopping – who doesn't want a set of cheerful 'evil eye' coasters or some Hermes-winged beach sandals?

  • Shopping in Kolonaki


    An Athens classic, open since 1912, with classic designs – T-straps, ballet flats, elegant Oxfords (their only style for men) – all custom-fit just for you. Bespoke designs are also possible. Considering the level of craft, this place is surprisingly affordable with shoes starting at €100.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in Syntagma & Plaka

    Alexis Papachatzis

    This charming jewellery store is a delight before you even enter: turn the handle on the window display and watch as gears and pulleys animate the scene. Papachatzis' designs have a storybook quality: small figures, clouds and animals rendered in sterling silver and enamel.

  • Shopping in Kolonaki

    Katerina Ioannidis

    From a family of goldsmiths, Ioannidis merges Greek and other global folkloric elements into jewellery that is light, bohemian and sometimes even a little funny: a pendant of, say, a gold-plated sheep's head set on a fuzzy black pompom, or a bean-shaped charm.