Athens in detail

Month by Month

Top Events

  • Carnival Season, February or March
  • Easter, April or May
  • Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival, late May to early June
  • Athens & Epidaurus Festival, June to August
  • August Moon Festival, August


In winter Athens welcomes visitors with festivals that aren’t really aimed at tourists. Expect local insight and warmth from hospitality (rather than from the sun).

Epiphany (Blessing of the Waters)

A national holiday, 6 January marks the end of the Christmas season. Celebrated in Greek Orthodoxy as the day St John baptised the Christ child, this day is now when seas, lakes and rivers are blessed, with the largest ceremony held at Piraeus.


While February is a less common time to head to Greece, if you time your visit with Carnival, it’s well worth it. Average daily temperatures rise to around 11°C (52°F); there's less rain and more sun.

Carnival Season

Carnival (Apokreas) starts three weeks before Lent, from mid-January to late February/early March. Minor events lead up to a wild weekend of costume parades, floats, feasting and traditional dancing.


The weather warms a bit more, making March a relaxed time to visit (make sure you bring something warm and waterproof to wear though). The city's events calendar is relatively quiet.

Independence Day

The anniversary of the hoisting of the Greek flag by independence supporters at Moni Agias Lavras is celebrated with parades and dancing on 25 March. This act of revolt marked the start of the War of Independence.


The biggest religious celebration of the year is Easter; there's essentially a two-week holiday before and after. Many leave Athens for their home villages, and some businesses including restaurants shut for several days.

Orthodox Easter

Good Friday is marked by candlelight processions; one of the largest goes up Lykavittos Hill. On Saturday evening, the Holy Fire is delivered from Jerusalem to the Church of Agioi Anargyroi in Plaka. On Sunday people head out for lamb feasts after church.


If you're planning to spend more time outdoors, May is a great time to visit. Temperatures are relatively mild, tourist crowds not too dense at the major sights and local produce fills Greek kitchens.

Labour Day

The first of May, Labour Day, is a national holiday, marked by union demonstrations and occasional strikes. There is also a mass exodus from the city for countryside picnics; wildflowers are gathered and made into wreaths to decorate houses.

Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival

This annual jazz festival takes place in late May or early June at Technopolis, the converted gasworks in Gazi, as well as at the Onassis Cultural Centre.


This three-day international contemporary art fair, held at the massive Athens Conservatoire, showcases a broad spectrum of art from Greek and international galleries, including sculpture and installations. Satellite exhibitions are also held in other venues. Sometimes held in June.

Athens Street Food Festival

Running since 2016, this is a relatively new event but embraced with gusto, as Athenians crowd an old tram depot to try out all the best snacks, both traditional and super new.


For festivalgoers looking for contemporary acts, June is when the summer starts hopping in Athens. Top national and international performers fill stages with dance, music and drama.

Athens & Epidaurus Festival

The most prominent Greek summer festival features local and international music, dance and drama at the ancient Odeon of Herodes Atticus at the Acropolis, and around town. Events run from June to August.

Athens Pride

Athens Pride is an annual LGBTQ event, usually celebrated in early June, culminating in a parade that starts on Syntagma.


Temperatures soar and life buzzes on the streets, and people seek respite from the heat in outdoor cinemas. Much social activity, including a major rock festival, moves to giant beachfront clubs just outside the city.

Rockwave Festival

Rockwave hosts major international artists and draws massive crowds. It's held at Terra Vibe, a huge parkland at the edge of Athens in Malakasa. There are special buses from town and sometimes cheap camping is offered.


August's heat is intense – do less and relax more. Greeks take to the roads and boats in large numbers around 15 August (the national holiday of the Dormition of the Virgin); reserve well ahead.

August Moon Festival

Under the August full moon, historical venues and archaeological sites, including the Acropolis and the Roman Agora, are open all night, with free admission and theatre, dance and music performances.


The sun is high though less and less blazing. The crowds begin to thin, but the sea is still warm. Fresh figs and grapes are in season and plentiful.

Athens International Film Festival

Held since 1995, this is the city's main annual film festival, featuring retrospectives, premieres and international art films and documentaries. Screenings are held across the city at various venues.


While the flow of tourists starts to ebb, the sunny weather often holds through most of October. City life picks up pace again, and the general cultural calendar is busier.

Ohi Day

A simple 'no' (ohi in Greek) was Prime Minister Metaxas' famous response when Mussolini demanded free passage through Greece for his troops on 28 October 1940. The date is now a major national holiday with remembrance services, parades, feasting and dance.


Autumn sees temperatures drop. Outside the city, olive picking is in full swing and feta production picks up, giving you the opportunity to taste some seriously fresh cheese.

Athens Biennial

Every odd-numbered year, usually from October through to December, the Athens Bienniale showcases top local and international contemporary artists across a range of media and locations around the capital.


While you can expect cooler temperatures and a chilly sea, daily life in Athens remains in full swing. With fewer tourists, you're likely to meet more locals.


Traditionally, Christmas marked the end of a 40-day fast with honey cookies and a roasted hog. Today you are more likely to see Christmas trees, fishing boats decorated with lights and children carolling. Families gather for a Christmas Day feast.